Since 1994, EcoSafe has been serving the Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, and Denton counties with the following:

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpet is not just putting hot water with soap on your carpets and calling it “clean.” We are proud to use the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Method. It is a safe, low moisture cleaning method that will provide you with carpets that are clean and smell fresh. Dirt, oil, food, beverage spills, and pet stains are just a few of the problems we tackle daily with great results. Your carpets will be dry, free of chemical or soap residues. And that’s not all; mold spores, dust mites, and pet allergens are also removed. The secret to our cleaning is using a compound which is a cleaner, as well as an absorbent. When applied with a brushing machine, this compound not only cleans, but it absorbs like a sponge. In fact, everything is absorbed out of your carpet and into our compound. Using our commercial vacuums, this compound is then vacuumed off your carpets. Our carpet cleaning method is not only “Eco Safe,” it does not leave you with the problems that wet carpets present. Your carpet will last longer, stay cleaner, and look better year round.

Pet Stain CleaningPet Stain Cleaning

Having your beloved pets in the home may lead to the undesirable pet stains on the carpet. If it is an accident or a habit of your pet to use your carpet as a lawn, we can treat and clean these problem areas. Our process includes locating the pet stains, even finding the hidden spots with the use of a special light. Once we isolate the spots, we remove the concentration of pet urine or waste. With our enzyme cleaner, we proceed in cleaning the spots. We follow up with our absorbent, catching any traces that might be left behind. Although pet stains do present a challenge to carpet cleaners, our 4-step process allows us to leave your carpet with the result you desire.

Oriental and Area Rug CleaningOriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Homeowners can have a variety of rugs: some with vibrant colors or a solid color; handmade or machine made; costly or inexpensive. Whatever type of rug, we have different cleaning methods for each. Using the Host Dry Extraction Cleaning method, we can clean area rugs in your home, on any surface, even on wood floors! Our cleaning process not only cleans, it brightens, restoring even vibrant colors. If your rug has been a favorite target for your pet, we can simply roll up your rug and clean it in our facility. Whatever your rug cleaning needs are, we can restore and clean them like new.

Tile and Grout CleaningTile and Grout Cleaning

The cleaners commonly used on tile today leave a soapy residue that over time creates an excessive buildup of soap and dirt. Our cleaning method is unique. We combine a scrubbing machine with cleaners that will remove all the soap and grime. We don’t rely on the traditional water pressure methods, because tile and grout needs to be scrubbed to get the best results. So if you move things on your pantry floor and notice a different grout color that looks new, then our cleaning method is needed to make your entire floor look new again.


Wood Floor CleaningWood Floor Cleaning

Is your wood grain hard to see, or dull in appearance? There is no need to strip and refinish the floor. The dull finish is due to the buildup of soap over the years.

The cleaning method we use for wood floors will restore the luster and reveal the wood grain. It’s like having a new floor put in without the hassle.



Carpet Stretching and RepairsCarpet Stretching and Repairs

There are several reasons why carpets become loose and present “speed bumps”. With the use of a carpet stretcher, carpet tools, and the mind of a craftsman, we can restore the carpet to be free of these bumps.

We have the capability to trim the carpet at the baseboards or seam it together in the door ways. Repairing holes left by pets, is another service that we do.


Furniture CleaningFurniture Cleaning

Do you have a favorite, comfortable couch or chair that has not been cleaned in a while? With today’s fabrics, that hide dirt, the cleaning of your furniture may be well overdue. We clean your furniture differently and more effectively than typical industry standards. Where other methods leave soap and chemicals on your furniture, our method leaves no soap or chemicals behind.

We apply our cleaner first, then rinse the fabric thoroughly; leaving your furniture clean, soft, and “fresh.”

Commercial Building CleaningCommercial Building Cleaning

From corporate offices to healthcare offices, hotel ballrooms to education facilities; whatever type of commercial building, our Dry Host Cleaning method will be a great benefit while reducing any downtime. Not only are the carpets dry when the cleaning is complete, we have the flexibility to schedule the cleaning late or early hours or simply start when the staff leaves. Our cleaning will also leave your carpets cleaner and smelling fresh. For your protection, our company is insured and bonded. Call or email us, to request more information.[/full_width]