Dry Carpet Cleaning for Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet cleaning services help you protect the health of your customers and employees. Routinely scheduled carpet care removes contaminants that can cause asthma or allergies to flare up. It prevents dirt and grime build-up and helps your carpets and rugs last longer.

Dry Carpet Cleaning for Your Commercial Carpet

Dry Carpet Cleaning Benefits

There are a variety of cleaning methods used to care for carpets. Here at EcoSafe Dry Carpet Care, we use the dry carpet care process. This prevents water damage to your rugs and underlayment. It also protects against mold and mildew buildup due to damp rugs and carpets under desks and furnishings.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend the dry cleaning method. It allows you quick access to your office or conference rooms without walking on wet or damp floors. Our cleaning compound works with our brushing equipment to remove deep down dirt and grime. This prevents water retention in the underlayment of your flooring.

Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning increases the life of your carpets because excessive dirt and grime wear away the fibers. It also keeps the colors bright and prevents odor buildup that can cause health issues to flare up. Routine care keeps your high traffic areas clean while enforcing the professional atmosphere your clients expect to see.

EcoSafe provides dry carpet cleaning services for your business. Whether you have a small office or large company footprint, our team will arrange a cleaning schedule that fits your needs. We will discuss your expectations and provide a reliable estimate that works with your budget.

Give your employees a bright, clean work area without interfering in their busy schedules. We are available day or night to clean your carpets and take care of your floors. Contact us and discover the value of our dry carpet care services.