Wood Floor Cleaning Tips

Wood floors are beautiful and add a touch of class to any home. But installing wood floors is expensive and you want to ensure your investment lasts for many years. Avoiding the most common cleaning mistakes will protect your floor and keep it looking wonderful for years to come. Wood floor cleaning is something many homeowners struggle with when they can simplify it easily.

Wood Floor Cleaning Tips

Sweeping a wood floor often leaves dust and other small particles nestled in the cracks and crevices. Using a soft bristled vacuum attachment is better as it sucks up everything instead of just moving it around. This will also prevent dirt from scratching your floor.

Moisture is a wood floors biggest nightmare, causing warping and discoloration. Your usual mop and bucket routine is best left to other flooring types. Wood floors require cleaning with a damp sponge mop, preferably with the cleaner sprayed directly onto the mop. You also want to avoid harsh chemicals, so natural cleaners are best. Your flooring manufacturer will likely be happy to recommend a cleaner but often vinegar is your best bet. It will naturally disinfect and does not leave behind an unpleasant odor.

You can further protect your floors by preventing direct sunlight from continuously hitting the floor and by rearranging furniture periodically so that there is not uneven aging or sun exposure.

Over time, even the most cared for wood floor can become dull as cleaners and soap build up. Many homeowners decide to strip the floors and refinish them, which is costly and time-consuming. For a better alternative, you can contact us for a natural, nontoxic cleaning that will leave your wood floor looking brand new.